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Home Remedy – Network How To Live With Asthma In Your Senior Years

As we age, issues and illnesses begin to impact our lives. Asthma is a condition that can change your life but even more so in your senior years. This article “Home Remedy Network How To Live With Asthma In Your Senior Years” looks at how asthma can severely impact those in their later years in life. There are also some additional links that have been provided to provide further information regarding how to live with asthma in your senior years. 

Home Remedy Network How To Live With Asthma In Your Senior Years

Home Remedy Network How To Live With Asthma In Your Senior Years

Statistics on asthma truly are shocking. In the U.S., over 22 million individuals suffer from asthma and related health conditions. For seniors, asthma is truly disturbing, because prescriptions are expensive and other health conditions often further agitate the asthma. Today, the toxins in our atmosphere are always building, and so are severe health problems such as asthma. The good news is that various treatments can be found to aid you in controlling asthma symptoms.

Though the specific origins of asthma are mysterious, we do know what a few of the contributing factors are. One undisputed cause of asthma is your genetics. When you have relatives enduring asthma, chances are much higher that you may also develop asthma. How old you are can also be a stimulator. As we grow older, our immune systems grows weaker, and then foreign substances can cause your immune system to go haywire. For some people, this causes moderate allergies that can easily be controlled by Claritin or Fexofenadine. For other people, their symptoms grow into full-blown asthma. One other clear reason why people must live with this disease is everyday pollutants in the air. In urban regions, air pollution is a considerable factor that aggravates symptoms of asthma.

When you are dealing with asthma, you need to determine your personal trigger that lead up to an asthma attack. Asthma causes can be categorized into 2 main categories: triggers from inflammation and symptom triggers. Inflammatory triggers are those that cause inflammation of your breathing airways caused by common allergies. Conversely, symptomatic triggers will often make your airways feel scratchy making it hard to breathe. Among inflammatory triggers you’ll find stuff like dander from the family dog or the cat, tiny dust-mites and natural molds. Also, pollution from cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, colognes will often worsen triggers of symptoms.

Home Remedy Network  - How To Live With Asthma In Your Senior Years

Home Remedy Network – How To Live With Asthma In Your Senior Years

Fortunately, medical science has produced ingenious medicines for symptom relief. Your physician might give you an inhaler, which delivers a shot of steroids directly into your breathing passages. Alot of these medicines, like Pulmicort or Flovent, are covered under Medicare Part D drug plans. For quicker relief, there are also fast-acting Agonists like Ventolin and Albuterol, that is very popular because it is cheap for people on limited income.

Long-acting Agonists are another choice if you find that generic inhalers don’t really work for you. These prescriptions are also more pricey though, such as Brovana and Foradil. Many individuals who suffer from asthma may take several treatments under their physician’s oversight. Your doctor should also help you determine which medicines are covered on your Medicare drug plan. Sometimes nebulizers, which are also covered under Medicare Part B, can be an affordable choice.

You should also help by keeping your own home and workplace free from the individual triggers that lead to asthma attacks. Below you will find some easy ways to eliminate the allergens in your home.

Choose stone or hardwood floors rather than throw rugs or carpets, that attract dust mites that make your symptoms worse. Buy allergy resistant items such as pillow cases and bed covers. If you do not have an air purifier, you should definitely buy one for your house and workplace. Purifiers move the air through vents that can remove pollens, bits of dust and other contaminants out of air you are breathing. Finally, try your best to minimize dust. Store away those items that might often gather dust, including heavy drapes, teddy bears and blankets.


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