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The Mediterranean Diet Is The Door To Healthy Living

Living life until you die is the goal that many people have chosen. One of the ways that you can live a healthy life is through a healthy diet. In “The Mediterranean Diet Is The Door To Healthy Living” we discuss a popular diet choice. There are additional resource links below.

Mediterranean Diet,Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Loss With The Mediterranean Diet

The vast majority of people living in the United States are not aware of the Mediterranean diet above and beyond what they have heard regarding Greek salads and olive oil. The reality is that this is the premier diet on the face of the planet in regards to total health and wellness. It is only through organic produce and whole foods that you can increase your lifespan by decreasing your cholesterol and the risk of heart related diseases along with cancer and other sicknesses.

This is the diet plan of the people living along the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding areas. Extensive research and studies have uncovered that these individuals have extremely low chances of suffering from serious illnesses related to heart disease, Alzheimer’s’ and most cancers. They also enjoy the longest lifespan for adults. All of this is possible through the complex combination of elements within the diet.

Where the typical American diet is full of animal protein and processed foods that clog your arteries and poison your body, the Mediterranean diet is all about natural elements that come from the planet around us. Whole foods like garlic and beans and fruits and vegetables served up 7 to 10 times per day rather than Coca-Cola and Krispy Kreme doughnuts and power bars and recovery drinks and protein shakes and mocha lattes and low-fat muffins.

The reason the vast majority of Americans living in the United States are 72% overweight or obese is because they don’t follow a few simple rules of healthy living. One of the most common misconceptions is that the consumption of wine is bad for you because of the sugars. Doctors in the United States completely ignore the fact that wine is rich in antioxidants, but the Mediterranean diet promotes regular consumption; at least two glasses per evening for men and one for women.

The large amounts of fat in the typical Western Diet causes high levels of acidity, plus everything is processed, and nothing is natural. This is where the Mediterranean Diet plan is different. More focus is put on grains in pasta, more fruits, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and olive oil. Cheese and fish are consumed moderately, and minute amounts of red meat are consumed. This is the healthiest way to live if you want to see old age.

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