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War Against Alternative Health Care & Nutrition

Be My Friend Texas Health Freedom Coalition Visit Radhia’s Website at War Against Alternative Health Care & Nutrition Our Rights Are Under Attack! Historically speaking, the citizens of Texas have long enjoyed a health care environment which has allowed a vigorous and effective complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) health care community…

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Video

My video for health class talking about Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (CAM.) Even though it’s corny, we had some laughs while making it. ArleneArsenite: OmGiTsAfLaMiNgPiE: Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Duration : 0:7:27

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Careers in Alternative Medicine: Holistic Health Practitioner Interview

Holistic health practitioner Sarah Vosen explains what a holistic health career is like, discusses acupuncture, massage, the difference between Chinese and Western medicine and more. The Full Version of this Careers Out There interview can be found at: Duration : 0:6:3

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