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Natural Alternatives For Trazodone

Many people with depression have been prescribed Trazodone. While it has been helpful for some for others, not so much. This article looks at some alternatives that you might consider in the place of Trazodone. You should not discontinue the use of any prescribed medications without consulting with your medical professional.   Natural Depression Treatment…

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Why Do Omega-3s Have A Positive Impact On Depression

Modern science is catching up with ancient medicine. This article “Why Do Omega-3s Have A Positive Impact On Depression” takes a look at how Omega-3s have a positive impact for those who suffer from depression. There are additional links at the end of this article regarding resources for Omega-3s and depression. Omega-3 This disorder might…

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How Does Omega-3 Have A Very Positive Effect On Depression

People are looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle and Omega-3 is an example of something that people are looking to to improve their lifestyle. This article “How Does Omega-3 Have A Very Positive Effect On Depression” along with the accompanying video looks at some of the benefits of Omega-3 use. There are additional…

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