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Careers in Alternative Medicine: Holistic Health Practitioner Interview

Holistic health practitioner Sarah Vosen explains what a holistic health career is like, discusses acupuncture, massage, the difference between Chinese and Western medicine and more. The Full Version of this Careers Out There interview can be found at: Duration : 0:6:3

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Understanding Holistic Health

Americans are at an increasing rate looking for natural solutions to their health issues. This article “Understanding Holistic Health” offers some insights on holistic health. We have also included links to other resources to help you become educated regarding holistic health. Holistic Health   Many people are looking for a more holistic health approach to…

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What Every Holistic Health Practitioner Should Know

  Holistic Health Practitioner If you’re a Holistic Health Practitioner or you’re thinking of being one, it’s time for you to know that there can be a number of things that you won’t be able to fully know about. Thinking you do will lead you into trouble.  Being aware of what you don’t know will…

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