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Homeopathic Medicine 09/12

Dr. Robin Falkov is licensed acupuncture physician with extensive training in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She is a Diplomate of the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners and has worked with Homeopathy for over 20 years. She has had one of the earliest wholesale accounts with the well known, pioneering Life Extension Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale,…

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Asthma Advice That Everyone Needs To Know

If you have been afflicted with asthma, it can be extremely terrifying. You need to know the causes and potential effects of asthma so that you can manage the condition more effectively. Always know what could possibly happen, learn to spot the warning signs, and be prepared to react if you can’t prevent them.

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What is High Blood Pressure?

You have to have blood flow to live. High blood pressure on the other hand isn’t good. This article looks at high blood pressure, causes and some treatments. You should always consult your personal physician when attempting to treat any blood pressure issues. High Blood Pressure What is blood pressure? Before we discuss high blood…

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Home Remedy Network – Psoriasis Home Treatments That Offer Relief

Psoriasis herbal treatments work well in getting rid of skin Psoriasis, a skin issue that has dry skin, irritation, inflammation, scaly patches and also swelling. Its symptoms can be relieved by means of Psoriasis herbal treatments. There are medicinal herbs which could deliver pain relief and these comprise of calendula, milk thistle, natural aloe-vera, evening primrose as well as neem. These are known as immune-supportive herbs that moisturize the skin. They’ve elements that calm the skin and prevent Psoriasis from recurring.

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Crystal Healing: Your host Peter Bedard sits down with Rev. Patricia Bankins, RM, C.Ht., TCT who owns the Crystal Matrix, a healing center in Los Angeles, California. Patricia is a long time crystal therapy practitioner who has experienced personal healing from crystal therapy and assisted hundreds of others in healing themselves using the power of…

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Video

My video for health class talking about Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (CAM.) Even though it’s corny, we had some laughs while making it. ArleneArsenite: OmGiTsAfLaMiNgPiE: Thanks for watching and please subscribe! Duration : 0:7:27

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Home Remedy Network Does Acupuncture For Infertility Work

Infertility can be frustrating. You’ve tried and you’ve tried method after method, consulted your doctor, got a second opinion, but nothing is working. It’s to the point where you’re considering any option available. Maybe, now, it’s time to consider using acupuncture for infertility.

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