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Part 3: Holistic Cancer Cures & Healing Yourself From ALL Disease!

In our society of drugs and medicine many people are looking towards natural healing and alternative medicine for solutions. This is a group of videos that address that topic. You should always work with a professional when attempting any of these techniques. There are additional resources at the end of this article. Below are links…

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SIX Natural Cures for Cancer?

There’s a lot of misconception about cancer. We have been told by the so called ‘experts’ who work in accordance with the big pharmaceutical businesses that there is NO known way to cure or even prevent it, and instead they advise us to take their chemo & radio treatments for it which, quite clearly, either…

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Crystal Healing: Your host Peter Bedard sits down with Rev. Patricia Bankins, RM, C.Ht., TCT who owns the Crystal Matrix, a healing center in Los Angeles, California. Patricia is a long time crystal therapy practitioner who has experienced personal healing from crystal therapy and assisted hundreds of others in healing themselves using the power of…

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The Watermelon: A Great Natural Remedy!

As summer comes upon us thoughts of sitting on the beach or in your backyard eating a cold piece of watermelon might be coming to mind. There are many reasons to do so and they are discussed in this article “The Watermelon: A Great Natural Remedy!”. We have also included some links to other resources…

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REIKI HEALING A video introduction to Reiki Natural Healing with a brief outline of the Three Levels of Reiki Training. Duration : 0:6:30

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Acupuncture: A Natural Way of Healing

The ancient peoples knew things about the human body that modern man has forgotten. This article “Acupuncture: A Natural Way of Healing” looks at one of those things. There are additional links to other sites that will offer additional information regarding acupuncture below. Acupuncture: A Natural Way of Healing — Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Acupuncture Acupuncture:…

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Rave Diet Eating Dvd With Mike Anderson, Cure Cancer Naturally

Healing Cancer, shows how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. It explains common misconceptions about cancer, shows how diets designed to fight cancer are more successful than conventional treatments, discusses startling cancer research findings with T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and has interviews with people who have reversed cancers…

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Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Demo – Healing Dives Chambers

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by delivering oxygen under pressure, increasing the oxygen content in the blood and the cerebral spinal fluid. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is currently being used off-label to treat many neurological disorders. The most common conditions that respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy are:…

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1. Holistic Cancer Treatment and Healing with Dr. Douwes

Many experts agree that you can give your body a better chance to fight cancer using holistic cancer treatments. Make sure and consult your personal medical professional. There are additional resource links at the end of this article. Holistic Cancer Treatment 11 Step Holistic Cancer Treatment The 11 Step Cancer Survivor Program has been designed…

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