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Homeopathic Remedies for Infertility Treatment

The treatment of infertility can be embarrassing and something that many people do not want to address. This video discusses some homeopathic options. You should always confer with a medical professional before attempting any self treatments for fertility. There are additional resource links at the end of this post. Homeopathic medicine can help to…

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Alternative Medicine – NES Pioneers Biophyics and Energetic Medicine

NES is an example of the integration of the new discoveries in both science and medicine. They represent the exploration and application of new models of understanding. Vine & Branches does not endorse NES. We simply recognize them true as pioneers and researchers. This is what Science is supposed to be about. Their theories will…

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Herbal Remedies   Herbalism is really a traditional medicinal or folk medicine practice in line with the utilization of plants and plant extracts as herbal remedies. Herbalism is also called botanical medicine, medical herbalism, herbal medicine, herbology, herblore, and phytotherapy. Many of these no matter the title use herbal remedies like a large area of…

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