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Alternative Medicine Within The NHS

Alternative Medicine is becoming accepted by more and more people. This article is by an Alternative Medicine practitioner who is discussing the benefits he has seen from the use of Alternative Medicine. Make sure and work with a professional when using alternative medicine techniques. There are additional links to resources at the end of this…

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Herb Medicine For Healthy Living

Healthy living involves many things. Natural is more often than not better than manufactured.  “Herb Medicine For Healthy Living” is an article that discusses herbal medicine options. There are other helpful herbal medicine links to other sites below. Herb Medicine becomes more popular each day as the benefits of using herbs becomes available to the…

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Should alternative medicine be brought under mainstream regulation?

"Quacks fly in all directions as alternative medicine regulation fails: As panic and confusion spread among the practitioners of alternative medicine, Martin Robbins calls for the industry’s products and practices to be brought under mainstream medical regulations" "Why is there a need for an alternative medicine regulator in the first place? This question has never…

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Gender Differences

The UCSD School of Medicine and the Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation bring you the newest installments of this innovative series targeted at successfully managing pain in women. Studies show women often receive inadequate care as pain manifests uniquely in the sexes and requires distinctive treatment strategies. In this program, Margaret Chesney, Ph.D., Deputy Director, National…

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What are the rules for IRS deductions on alternative medicine?

As Alternative Medicine becomes more commonly used people ask if it’s use can be deducted off their tax returns. Below is a post in response to that question. There are also additional resources at the end of this post. You should consult with your tax professional before taking any tax deductions. Can you deduct, for…

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Alternative Medicine for Cancer

Cancer is not something that anyone wants to deal with. For many the cure can be as bad as the disease. This article “Alternative Medicine for Cancer” looks at some non-traditional treatment options. There are additional links to other helpful sites included.   The word Cancer has many bad things associated with it, but there…

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