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Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review – Does Provailen Measure Up

For those who suffer from the pain and swelling of arthritis something that will cure or even offer some relief would be welcome. Provailen is a supplement that is reviewed in this article “Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review – Does Provailen Measure Up”. Provailen is one of the many arthritis pain relief supplements on the market that advertises to provide relief from arthritis pain. There are more links to additional links to resources for relief from arthritis pain below.

Arthritis Supplements

Arthritis Pain Relief Supplements,Provailen Scam

Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review – Does Provailen Measure Up

With so many different types of arthritis there needs to be different types of medications to treat each type of arthritis. Below are the commonly prescribed arthritis medications:

Analgesics (Pain Relievers)
Biological Response Modifiers (BRMs)
DMARDS: Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs
Fibromyalgia Medications
Glucorticoids (Cortisone-Related Drugs)
Gout Medications
NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs)
Osteoporosis Medications

All of these medications are offered in both prescription and in OTC or over the counter form. Make sure and consult with your physician prior to using any form of treatment for arthritis pain.

Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review  – Provailen Summary

In advertising of different types the supplement Provailen  offers claims to provide a cure or at least some relief from the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. The question is there any research to support this claim? The answer is both good and bad in nature. Bad news first, If you are looking for a cure Provailen is it. Provailen is a supplement that will offer some relief from the symptoms of arthritis. Inflammation can be reduced with the use of Provailen. The makers of Provailen say this is because they are aware of the way arthritis works.

Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review  – Ingredients Contained In Provailen

Provailen makes the claim that is contains natural ingredients and we see nothing that indicates otherwise. There are two main components in Provailen:

Reishi Extract – Chinese Reishi Mushrooms are the source of this extract. Reishi Mushrooms are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. Reishi Mushrooms have shown to offer an increase in your macrophage T-cells. An increase in your macrophage T-cells will increase your body’s ability to enhance your immune system.

Capsaican – Capsaican will enhance the effectiveness of the Reishi Extract. This is accomplished by increased blood flow.

Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review  Side Effects From Provailen

For users of Provailen the most common side effects experienced:





Spikes in Blood Pressure

As a result prior to using Provailen, or any other supplement, you should first consult with a physician or medical professional This is most important if your are taking any form prescription or over the counter medication.
Home Remedy Network – Provailen Review  –So What Is The Bottom Line With Provailen

Provailen offers the statement that Provailen is “produced in an FDA approved Lab” and so what. This is no way shape or form means the FDA approved Provailen. This is because the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements for approve them prior to supplements being sold to the public. Registering a lab with the FDA has no impact of the effectiveness of the product.

A more important rating is the one given by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gives the company that owns Provailen, RDK Holdings aka RDK Global, a rating of “F”. This is in large part because of the return policy associated with Provailen.

As a result our bottom line recommendation for Provailen is to pass. Provailen does seems to offer the user some relief from arthritis pain. This is accomplished by reducing swelling and inflammation. Provailen does not offer a cure for arthritis. The cost for Provailen is high and the return policy makes returning the product often more expensive than the purchase. Any comments or experience that you have had with this product will help us improve our reviews.


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