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What Supplement Should I Take For Weight Gain?

Weight Gain

I have just started weight lifting and i was told i should be taking supplements. There are so many, which ones should i be taking or do i even need them. I am basically looking for weight gain and build muscle.

weight gain

Weight Gain Can Be Done With Muscle

Well first you need to be doing a good weight gain program, if u are doing ur weights in the mouring or early in the after noon you will proberly need just the three supplements a tri-blend creatine, take this b4 ur workout, whey protein isolate (WPI) not whey protein concentrate(WPC), take this strait after ur workout and u can mix it in with some fruit like a smoothy or something and just b4 u go to bed take some Casein protein powder, this is a time release protien and should be taken with milk to help slow down the absorbtion, this will give protein to ur muscles throughout the night, or if u cant afford casien WPC does basically the same thing just bit cheaper,

if u do ur weight session just b4 bed all u need is that creatine to take b4 ur session and a WPI/WPC blend to take after providing that is when u are goin to bed, also u cant bulk up if u are planning to eat junk food or have no respect for what goes in ur mouth like alcahol ect, just try and stick to natural foods this will help u more than most supplements 😀

Weight Gain