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How Should I Consume Supplements If I Work Out At Night?

Using supplements, especially if you work out, can be very helpful. Making sure that you are taking them correctly is important. In answer to the question “How Should I Consume Supplements If I Work Out At Night?” we have this post. We have included additional links that you should find helpful.


Most of the work out programs I have studied have the lifter working out in the morning, and taking their supplements throughout the day. I work out at 10PM and then go to sleep. How can I use my supplements effectively and still work out at 10PM?

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Timing Of Supplements Will Help To Build Muscle

Taking the time to learn when you should take specified supplements is important. While supplements in and of themselves are important, timing of your supplement intake can be even more important.

Here is a quick idea of a schedule for supplement intake that you might find helpful.

1. Rising from sleep – As soon as you wake up:
Whey take 20 grams
BCAAs aka branch chain amino acids take 5 grams
Caffeine take 200 milligrams about 1 cup

2. Breakfast this should occur thirty to sixty minutes after you wake up:
Multivitamin take 1 tablet containing 1/2 o16 milligrams of niacin, 1.2 milligrams of thiamin and 1.3 milligrams of riboflavin
Vitamin C take 1,000milligrams
Vitamin D take 1,000-3,000 IU daily
Vitamin E take 400-800 IU daily
Calcium  take 500-600 milligrams daily
Fish Oil  take 2-3 grams

3. Mid morning  or sixty to ninety minutes after breakfast

Green Tea Extract  take 500-1,000milligrams

4. Lunch which should occur mid- day
Fish Oil take 2-3 grams 30 minutes before you eat your lunch

5. Pre-Workout #1 taken sixty minutes before your workout
Caffeine take 200-400 milligrams or one to two cups
Green Tea Extract take 500-1,000 milligrans
Supplement containing 5.2 grams of L-arginine and L-citrulline, three hundred milligrams of L-taurine, five hundred milligrams of vitamin C, four hundred international units (IU) of vitamin E, four hundred micrograms of folic acid, ten milligrams of alpha lipoic acid.

6. Pre-Workout #2 taken fifteen to thirty minutes before your workout

Whey Protein take 20 grams
BCAAs take 5 grams
Creatine take 2-5 grams
Beta-Alanine take 2-3 grams

7. Post-Workout take within forty five minutes of your workout

Whey Protein take 20 grams
Casein Protein take 10-20 grams
BCAAs take 5 grams
Creatine take 2-5 grams
Beta-Alanine take 2-3 grams
Fast Carbs take 30-60 grams

8. Dinner In The Evening

Vitamin C take 1,000 milligrams
Calcium take 500-600 milligrams
Vitamin D take 1,000-3,000 IU

9. Bedtime take thirty minutes before you lay down to sleep. You should be getting 7 to 8 hours of solid rest

Casein Protein take 20 grams
Fish Oil take 2-3 grams

While this list is simply a guideline, it will give you an idea of the timing of your supplement consumption. You should consult with a professional to determine a regimen that will fit your personal situation. Make sure and consult with a physician, especially if you are taking any prescription medications.




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