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Home Remedy Network Supplement Review Prostavar Review Is Prostavar The Real Deal

Aging is not fun no matter who you are. For plenty of men, prostate problems is a part of aging that they really do not like. “Home Remedy Network Supplement Review Prostavar Review Is Prostavar The Real Deal” is a review that takes a look at a popular supplement on the market named Prostavar. No matter what the supplement or what it is intended to treat you should always seek the advice of your personal medical professional prior to using. We have also linked to other sites that can provide additional information regarding Prostavar and prostate problems in general.

Home Remedy Network Supplement Review Prostavar Review Is Prostavar The Real Deal

Home Remedy Network Supplement Review Prostavar Review Is Prostavar The Real Deal


Prostavar Review Is Prostavar The Real Deal

Prostavar Review – Breakdown Of The Product Prostavar

The number of men who suffer from prostate problems might surprise you. If you watch late night or early Sunday morning TV you will see advertisements for Prostavar. Prostavar is designed, according to the advertisements, to provide relief from prostate problems. Let’s take a look at the details of the supplement Prostavar.


Prostavar Review – What In The Name Prostavar Means Plenty

Marketing is a huge part of making sure a product is successful. A way to increase the chances of a product being successful is to target a niche. Many companies who take the niche marketing approach us the name association approach. This marketing technique is used to associate the name of the product with the disease or illness that it is advertised to treat. Some popular examples are Arthritis helped by Arthri-D, liposuction associated  with Lipozene and then prostate problems solved or at least given some relief by Prostavar. This created association does not mean that a product is or is not effective. The goal is to create the perception of effectiveness in the consumer’s mind.


Prostavar Review – Data To Support The Claims Made By Prostavar From The Company Website

Here are some of the claims and supporting information that is contained on the Prostavar website.

Prostavar offers to reduce the size of most enlarged prostate glands, improve the ability of the bladder to empty itself completely, give the use the ability to urinate like an eighteen year old with a strong robust urine stream, eliminate the middle of the night bathroom visits, increase sphincter control and allow you to sleep the entire night. The part that almost goes without saying is an improved sex life.

And that is not all…

Control and lower the levels of harmful enzymes and hormones that can be a hazard to the prostate along with providing anti-oxidant support. This is all contained in an easy to swallow pill.

The Prostavar people will tell you that a natural prostate supplement should have and do all of the following:

Improve and enhance the prostate health of the user

Create constriction in a swollen prostate

Improve and heal and urination flow

Eliminate the pain along with the discomfort of the condition known as prostatitis

Contains only premium quality ingredients

Take bacteria and also free radicals out of your body which will decrease the chance of prostate cancer


Prostavar Review – Customer Testimonials

When you review or look at testimonials for Prostavar or any other product, that are located on the company website, they should be taken with a grain of salt. It us usually difficult if not impossible to verify ore confirm that these are actual customer testimonials. I am in no way saying that these testimonials are not genuine

Prostavar Review – Does Prostavar do what the company says it will do?

The supplement company that manufacturers Prostavar is Superbalife International. Prostavar is advertised to promote better prostate health. For those who have experienced E.D. or erectile dysfunction, based on the advertising,  will be help by Prostavar. Prostavar offers relief from the possible side effects of an enlarged prostate,including E.D. and other sexual issues in males. The question to ask is Prostavar, as it claims, the best prostate formula on the market.

Prostavar Review : Prostavar And The Ingredients Included

The supplement Prostavar is made up of the following ingredients…

* Saw Palmetto

* Pygeum

* Stinging Nettle Root

* Pumpkin Seed Oil

* Lycopene – Ultra-antioxidant support for optimal health.

* Quercetin

* Beta-Sitosterol – Lessens inflammation and promotes healthy hormone balance.

When you look at the ingredients in Prostavar you see something interesting. Prostavar contains ingredients that are very common in products advertised to provide relief from prostate problems. The quality of the ingredients in Prostavar will determine the level of actual relief from prostate problems. Ingredients such as saw palmetto to compliment prostate health, pumpkin seed oils to lessen prostate inflammation, pygeum and stinging nettle root to assistance with urination, lycopene for its anti-oxidant as well as beta sitosterol also an anti inflammatory will have an impact on prostate health.

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Prostavar Review :Is The Price Charged By Prostavar Worth It

A thirty day supply is available for $59.95. There is also promotional price available for $39.95.

Prostavar Review: Prostavar Daily Dosage

The daily dosage is three pills daily after each meal

Prostavar ReviewProstavar Product Guarantees

There is a sixty day full money back guarantee offered by Prostavar

Prostavar Review – Complaints Against Prostavar

The Better Business Bureau offers a rating for Prostavar. The BBB rates the parent company Superbalife International which is the parent company of Prostavar, with a product rating of the letter grade “F”.

The BBB has an alert for Prostavar:

The BBB routinely suggests consulting your doctor before beginning any weight loss regimen as well as ingesting weight loss pills as well as supplements. Many diet promoters make a claim with regards to the safety or effectiveness with the products they promote that seem to be dependent on science as well as medical studies. In most cases, promises stated in fat reduction advertising are in reality exploitations of well known misguided beliefs about your state of health, cleverly employed to maximize profits for the promoter. A healthy dose of skepticism and a little investigating can help you avoid wasting money or jeopardizing your health on fad diets, or fad diet products. To protect yourself from taking a loss on unproven remedies, be cautious about promises of “quick and painless” results. Other marketing plans routinely made use of by less-than-reputable promoters probably be claims of “scientific breakthroughs,” “special,” “secret” or perhaps “ancient” formulas offered just for a few months, and only from one supplier. Be suspicious of testimonials reporting incredible weight loss comes from “satisfied users,” in particular when no substantive medical support for your claim is provided.

The ranking of “F” is based on the following:

Customer Complaints Summary

fifty one complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years12 months
Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues 9
Billing / Collection Issues 19
Difficulties with Product / Service 15
Delivery Issues 4
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 4
Total Closed Complaints 51

Prostavar ReviewAdditional Complaints Against Prostavar Along With Information Along With Other Facts

Complainants state unauthorized credit or debit card charges, misleading advertising, instances of not honoring their cash back assurance, and inability to receive refunds. Other customers complain the merchandise doesn’t work as publicized, or even that disclosures regarding the terms and conditions of the offer are uncertain or maybe that company representatives attempt to verbally modify the conditions when got into contact with by customers to request refunds or maybe credits. Some people who have complained allege after sending products for refunds, the corporation issues only limited refunds. Others criticize that while they are guaranteed refunds, this company fails to send them. This company responds to some complaints by agreeing to issue full or partial refunds, disputing allegations, or perhaps offering explanations or perhaps clarification within their policies, conditions and terms. Some complainants dispute they actually get the promised refunds. Allegations of unauthorized purchases in addition to not true advertisement have been usually not resolved.

Prostavar Review – The Final Decision

Prostavar certainly is made up of several things that happen to be favored inside prostate formula, elements similar to saw palmetto, pygeum, stinging nettle are extremely typical components and you can find these elements in lots of prostate supplements on the market. The rating of a “F” via the BBB and also the amount of complaints listed on the BBB webpage are a basis for great concern and careful attention. Prostavar just like additional products isn’t governed via the Food And Drug Administration. This means that you want to do your personal research. Be certain and talk to your personal personal physician prior to making use of Prostavar or some other supplements.


Prostavar Review – Prostavar disclaimer

* This page is not at all connected with Prostavar.

This page is simply not associated with Prostavar and / or any one of it’s subsidiaries as well as affiliates. Prostavar is a registered trademark of Superbalife International, LLC. Specifics of Prostavar can be located at

Before taking any supplements you should consult with your personal physician. Supplements can interact with prescription medications in a negative way.

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