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Are Mineral Supplements Good For You?

Mineral supplements are a contradiction today because they are not natural but chemical and so go against the natural concept of health. But the increasing demand for natural vitamin supplements looks like a trend growing with little help. If these are of a chemical composition, then the questions of harmful effects are bound to arise.

The fact is that chemical mineral vitamin supplements are not as easily absorbed as normal food particles a mineral vitamin supplements are. The industry is working hard to manufacture products, which can be processed by the body easily and therefore will be more beneficial. Every once in a while, the industry comes up with a form of a mineral or vitamin that is considered to be more bio-available. Industries are finding a way to develop mineral vitamins combined with other elements, which make them easier to absorb. Iron for example is administered as iron gluconate, enabling the body to absorb the iron more readily.

The proportion of the nutrients in the vitamin supplement should be relatively higher that it would be found in natural form and only when the proportion is high the body will be able to assimilate the quantity that is really necessary for the body. This can obviously lead to problem where a toxic level of the particular nutrient is being consumed by the large doses that are needed. It is therefore extremely important that a person does not simply take vast quantities of all of the supplements that are advertised on television and should seek advice from a health professional. It would help if you keep abreast of news and developments in the mineral vitamin supplement industry so you can buy the latest combinations, which would be better.

To aid absorption, manufacturers have developed a method where the raw material is cultured through yeast cells. Yeast gets completely digested so the required nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body. This type of supplements is called ‘food state’ and is one of the best ones to take as all the minerals in the supplement are used.

Each person’s dietary practices are what points to the necessity for mineral vitamin supplements. Whenever possible, it is best to obtain one’s nutrients from regular balanced diets versus supplements. However because the soil is deficient in minerals it can be necessary to start taking supplements if you become aware that you have a deficiency. A person may need to take mineral vitamin supplements during certain periods for a short time. Long term use of supplements is not recommended.

Carol Bell