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Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Redness From Sunburn?

While we all enjoy spending time in the sun, none of us enjoy the paid of sunburn. While not getting sunburn in the first place is the best option, there are some home remedies that work to help reduce the pain of sunburn. This article offers some suggestions for treating sunburn.

Treating Sunburn

You Can Treat Your Sunburn At Home

Reduce the Redness of Sunburn

The pain of a bad sunburn is nothing that anyone wants. It can be very painful, irritating, and just plain tough to get rid of. We have done all of the heavy lifting for you and have a list of ways to treat your sunburn.  Here are most preferred methods:


I . Hydrate

You should drink plenty of water. For at least one week after getting sunburned, you should drink 10 glasses of water daily.  Staying hydrated will help your body’s natural healing process. You should also drink plenty of water when you are in the sun to avoid having a heatstroke or other heat related problems.

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II. Aloe Vera Helps Your Skin Heal

Applying aloe vera can be beneficial for the treatment of sunburn. The gel of the aloe vera plant is a traditional remedy  for healing sunburn. Aloe vera plant is filled with natural anti-inflammatory properties which can hasten the healing process  when used correctly. While available in OTC form it is best used directly form the plant.

To take the gel from the aloe vera plant, simply break off a full stem. Make a cut lengthwise along the stem. Open the cut and scrape the gel out of the stem with a spoon or simply use your finger. Rub the gel directly to your skin two to three times daily.

III. Baking Soda Paste

Make a paste of baking soda. Mix both baking soda and cornstarch in equal parts in a small bowl. Add enough water to maintain a thick paste that will allow you to spread the mixture on your skin but will stick. Rinse and reapply as needed.

IV. Witch Hazel

Use a vial of witch hazel oil for sunburn relief. Simply apply the extract with a cotton ball to sunburn areas.

V. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is available at most grocery stores. You can apply the apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball or spay it using a spray bottle. Use sparingly at first because some people can have negative reactions to apple cider vinegar.

Try a small amount on the back of your hand before applying to your sunburned areas. This will help you avoid any negative reactions.

VI. Potato Slices

Using potato slices for sunburn relief is simply. Just apply the potato slice to the sunburned area. The slices of potato contain properties of pain relief and reduction of inflammation.

VII. Cool Oatmeal Bath

Fill a bathtub with cool water. Soak for awhile and allow your body to cool off. Fill a sock with two cups of uncooked oatmeal. Tie off one end. Submerge the sock in the water and squeeze it. This will release the juices and the healing properties contained in the oatmeal.


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