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10 Simple Arthritis Pain Relief Strategies

Dealing with arthritis pain is not fun. However it is not impossible. Here are “10 Simple Arthritis Pain Relief Strategies” that will make your life easier. There are also additional links to informational sites included in this article.

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Arthritis is a complex problem but treating arthritis pain can be simple. Here are 10 Simple Arthritis Pain Relief Strategies:

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #1 Take Time To Protect Your Joints

You should protect your joints even if you aren’t experiencing joint pain. No matter how big or small the task, think about the impact on your joints. Sliding instead of lifting when possible, open doors with your shoulder instead of your hands are just a couple of examples.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #2 Get Plenty Of Exercise

This can sound counterproductive but it works. Exercise will provide more energy and help to boost our mood. Enjoy exercises that are low in impact for at least thirty minutes per day. Some examples are:




Light Weight Or Resistance Training

You should always check with your medical professional before starting any exercise program. If you move up to heavier weights or increase the intensity of your workouts and you experience pain, STOP! Don’t exercise joints that are inflamed.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #3 Stretch Early And Stretch Often

If you are pain free, you should stretch each joint possible on a daily basis. Don’t stretch to the point that it is painful. Seeking the advice of a physical therapist or physician in order to design a program would be advised. It will sometimes help to take a warm shower before stretching in order to loosen up. Doing this first thing in the morning can help your day.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #4 Get Plenty Of Rest

Listen to your body. When you are tired, rest. Scheduling time to relax and rest your body and mind is important. Let your body tell you how much you need because every individual is different. Mixing activity and rest is the key.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #5 Enjoy A Warm Shower Or Bath As Often As Needed

As we mentioned before, starting your day with a warm shower or bath can be helpful. This however doesn’t mean that once is always enough. Don’t hesitate to allow yourself to enjoy this as many times a day as necessary. Sometimes just soaking the body part that is afflicted can be helpful.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #6 Hot Wax Is Not Just For The Bedroom Anymore

Seeing romantic scenes involving hot wax can give you bedroom ideas but hot wax has been used for sports injuries for years. Hot wax can be more effective than heating pads because it allows the heat to work its’ way completely through the affected joint.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #7 Use A Cane When Necessary

Don’t be ashamed to use a cane or other devices designed to assist. A cane can lower the pressure on your joints by as much as twenty percent.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #8 Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Weighing too much can cause unnecessary stress on your joints. Exercise and proper diet might be all you need to lose the necessary weight. Being overweight also causes the body to produce chemicals which cause the joints to become inflamed.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #9 Take Advantage Of Special Tools

There are tools designed to make many tasks easier on your joints. Take the time to research and use any that are available.

Arthritis Pain Relief Strategy #10 Plan Ahead

While you never know when a flareup will occur, try to avoid the things will cause swelling and inflammation. Don’t over do it and break tasks in to sections with rest intertwined. Listen to your body.

Arthritis is something that while not fun, can be managed. Take the time necessary to learn what does and doesn’t work. Make sure and consult with your personal physician or medical professional before making lifestyle changes.


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