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Why are Young Living Essential Oils so effective in natural healing?

My friends and relatives use them all the time. It’s the first thing we reach for in an emergency. It’s a shame the big drug makers can’t come up with something comparable without all those nasty side effects.

Gary Young is an uneducated huckster with a track record of arrests for health fraud. He has repeatedly inflated and falsified his education and credentials. His inability to recognize the limits of his knowledge and training contributed to the death of his own child. Sherman Johnson, M.D., medical director of The Young Life Research Clinic, deliberately administered a lethal dose of narcotics to a long-time friend, and then attempted to cover his actions by falsifying the death certificate. There is no reason to believe that either Young or Johnson has sufficient judgment, skill, or ethics to appropriately care for seriously ill patients. Young Living’s essential oils cannot treat or cure any medical illness.
Patients visiting the Young Life Research clinic can waste large sums of money on worthless treatments, and will gain only false hope. Patients risk being guided away from effective legitimate medical treatments. At best, their life will be needlessly complicated by the prescription of elaborate irrational regimens requiring overpriced products sold only by Young Living. At worst, patients may suffer direct harm from the misuse of essential oils and other dubious treatments.
Treatment at the Young Life Research Clinic seems unwise and expensive. Proper medical care can be obtained elsewhere from legitimately educated, licensed, and experienced health care providers.
Raindrop Therapy is potentially unsafe. Essential oils for aromatherapy use are available from many suppliers do not make ridiculous claims and whose prices are not inflated by dubious multilevel marketing practices.

Please check out this website, which gives a complete history of this man and his products, etc.