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Natural healing. Can you find me good sites to learn herbal, natural medicines?

I hate using the medicine the doctors perscribe, and watching my friends and family use them. every doctor would perscribe somehting different nayway, and siriously, id rather leave my body to nature rather than addicting painkillers n such. i need natural remedies and would like to make a nice big collection of natural, selfmade medicines.
i know you can help!

What I would suggest is to take an online herbology class. I take all my classes from Herbal Healer Academy at

Look at the Naturopath Correspondence Program. She has 22 different herbalogy courses. You can pay for one at a time or you can pay for all 22 at once (and save some money). When you have completed all 22 courses you will be awarded the Herbal Healer Academy Certificate for Herbology.