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Journey Of Natural Healing From Chronic Illness And Environmental Sensitivity

In a world filled with chemicals and other “man made” solutions many people are looking to natural healing options. This article “Journey of Natural Healing from Chronic Illness and Environmental Sensitivity” looks at a natural healing approach. There are additional links to resources for natural healing below.

Home Remedy Network Journey Of Natural Healing From Chronic Illness And Environmental Sensitivity

Home Remedy Network Journey Of Natural Healing From Chronic Illness And Environmental Sensitivity


Hi, I’m Cary Ellis. I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the body’s capabilities of healing itself. If you’re carrying around extra weight you wish that you weren’t, don’t have as much energy as you once used to have, maybe see the signs of aging coming out, can’t sleep as well at night, or have been diagnosed with some sort of illness. If you’re looking for the path to get youthful, to have more energy, or to get yourself well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve bet there’s something inside of you just saying, does it really have to be this way? Do I have to watch myself? Kinda fall apart over the years and wonder if I can ever really get well. There is an answer that hunger that all of us have inside of us to be youthful, attractive, beautiful, fit, strong and truly, truly healthy. And that answer lies in a story that started for me back when I grew up spraying an apple orchard as a child with my dad. From the days were we still sprayed with DDT, _______, melathione, and poisins that were actually, literally leftover nerve gases from World War 2. Well, by the time I was 18 years old, although I was gifted a really wonderful body, I was struggling for my health and I had chronic problems in my female organ, really internal serious physical issues, sensitivities to different things. Nobody around me really knew how to solve that. I ended up at a wonderful healing center out the country and I learned about detoxifying my body about pulling those poisons out, about cleansing and I want out on a several week juice fast colonic program and mucus literally poured out of every orifice in my body. It sounds kind of awful and crazy but we have to look at those things when we wanna clean things up so that the body can be well, so the cells can function like the way they should. Going through that process in my own life and seeking, seeking, seeking where is wellness for me, where is that balance so that I am not having a struggle every day to be well. It set me off; I became a vegetarian at age 18 and move towards living foods over that first couple of years, I did regular body cleansing, detoxification, yoga, different activities to cleanse and heal and help develop wellness inside my cells and to get rid of some of the poisons that are just a chronic part of the culture that we live in.

So these personal health challenges on my own led me on a really wonderful journey. I began teaching when I was learning at alternative health centers where other people were coming in looking for their answers and the ancient Chinese say “We teach best that which we most need to learn”, so I became a teacher of what was resolving my own challenges and I was invited to become educator with Gerson Cancer Therapy Institute in Mexico. So I went and lived in San Diego area, went across the border every day, sometimes I stayed in Mexico. I actually did rounds on a daily basis with Charlotte Gerson ____ and I was immersed in a cancer program. Doctor Max Gerson realized that he might be on to something and some of the basics of the Gerson Cancer Therapy Program are what are consistent among all the healing programs today and they had to do with cleansing the blood, with making the body more alkaline, with cleansing the liver, the colon and the digestive system, eating predominantly vegetarian foods, a lighter diet, correct essential fatty acids, incorporating foods such as flat seed and getting fiber into the body that was critical. So, I learned some incredibly, wonderful things at the Gerson Institute and the best part of that learning was the people that I watched get well. I watched a man eliminate a great fruit sized tumor through his chest wall and I began seeing what modern medicine would consider literal miracles. I began to see that the body could heal itself in amazing ways that we weren’t conventionally taught. This began to establish a belief system in ____. From there I went and became a co-director of a week ____ institute in Michigan which was then called Hippocrates. Later changed their name, they’re currently called Creative Health Institute, they’re still in operation. We had a really awesome, young crew at the time, it was around 1980 and we developed incredible outreach program. We beat full, every weekend we would have a big buffet of raw foods and teach people how to use wheat grass juice.

Immersing myself completely in the raw food lifestyle and teaching it was another step of watching people come who had cancer. I saw a man who had leukemia with a blood count so low that he should’ve been dead. And then on a week on wheat grass, he had a normal blood count. I began to see these kind of changes in people’s lives and I could see who was really getting helped and how they are getting helped. I had come to a point where I was really changing my belief system

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