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Green Alkaline ‘Electric’ Native Organic ‘Foods & Herbs’ from Natural Cosmic Code for thy Healing

Green Alkaline ‘Electric’ Native Organic ‘Foods & Herbs’ from Natural Cosmic Code for thy Healing of the Geographic Arrangement of Natural Structure of Life.

“Anyone who has ever heard of Dr. Sebi is interested in having a list of “Electric” foods to guide the balance in their lives. Such a list has rarely been found, until now! The following information is an explanation of “Electric” foods and how you can incorporate them into your daily

Dr. Sebi studied nature, life and positive changes to make for healthier lifestyle changes. One thing he discovered amidst his studies was that foods traditionally served in homes were tainted
and changed, most times on the cellular level, in order to mass produce the food. Chickens, cows, pigs and all other living animals raised for food were fed vitamin supplements and genetically
engineered feed to ensure the largest possible animal; therefore ensuring the most money made from the animal. The same would go for
produce as well. Many farmers use insecticides and commercial fertilizers in order to supplement their crops size and yield. All of these actions change a food from being “Electrically” balanced
with our bodies to being off-balance. In order to change your eating practices from traditional to “Electric” all you have to do is get back to nature.

Organic foods are one choice available in supermarkets today. Even though these foods are not totally in sync with our body’s electric nature, the foods are the closest one can get in a mass produced setting. All certified organic foods are produced fertilizer and insecticide free bringing the electric level higher than foods tampered with in the seeding and growing process.

Organic meats are also available in stores, but one can not ensure the lineage of the animal. Once changes are made to an animal for generations, those changes taint the cellular structure of the animal. Thus, even organic meats can be produced from animals with no “Electric” or natural lineage.

Aside from organic store bought foods, the best place to find “Electric” foods is in your own back yard. Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a perfect way to resync your body with Mother Earth. “Electric” foods are ones that have a high vibration
rate; this alludes to the foods closeness to Earth. If you grow your own tomatoes from Heirloom seeds, you will be growing and consuming an “Electric” tomato, whereas if you purchase the tomato from a grocery store the vibration or “Electric” rate will be nearly non-existent.” Source: Read more @

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