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Dr Whiting on Natural Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol has become a national obsession! It seems that everyone either has elevated cholesterol or is worried about having elevated cholesterol. As a result there is a great demand to find ways to natural cholesterol lower. Natural cholesterol cures abound, from special diets to supplements and many of them are very effective. In order to determine the most effective natural cholesterol treatments, it is important to understand how the body makes and uses this extremely important substance. As we will soon see, natural cholesterol remedies involve the use of key dietary supplements and increased fiber. The most effective natural cholesterol supplements combine both into one convenient formula for the user. Medicine approaches elevated cholesterol as if it were a disease and attacks it with powerful and potentially dangerous drugs called statins. There are many forms of statin drugs on the market and all have the same dangerous side effects, as we will see soon. For this reason, methods to naturally lower cholesterol have become increasingly popular. To get your bodys natural cholesterol lower, is not that difficult and the best part is that the natural cholesterol supplements pose no threat to your health and have virtually no side effects, even with long term use. Before we can discuss the natural cholesterol cures that are available, it is important to discuss the myths surrounding cholesterol. Cholesterol Myths In an attempt to find a cause for the heart disease epidemic, medical researchers examined the remains of those who had died and discovered that within their arteries, deposits of a yellowish fatty material was lining the arteries, cutting off blood flow.

This substance was identified as cholesterol. Hence this natural and essential substance was blamed for causing the heart disease epidemic. Not true! In fact, there is not one article or study in any medical journal in the past 50 years that has ever been able to link cholesterol as the actual cause of heart disease or more specifically atherosclerosis or the narrowing of the arteries, reducing blood flow. Atherosclerosis starts years before cholesterol ever becomes involved. The real cause of atherosclerosis is damage to the inner muscle wall of the artery by chemical compounds known as free radicals. These free radicals attack the muscle cells of the artery wall, altering their DNA structure and cause them to over multiply. This process over time weakens the artery and the body then must place chemical bandages over the area to prevent hemorrhaging. Once this portion of the process has been completed, calcium, which normally floats freely in the blood, begins sticking to these specific sites only. This condition is called calcification of the arteries and is the second phase of atherosclerosis. Cholesterol, also naturally present in the bloodstream, is attracted to the calcium-lined areas of the artery and begins to build up. This is the final stage of atherosclerosis. By the time cholesterol sticks to your arteries, 90% of the disease process is already over. By attacking cholesterol, the actual cause of the problem is never addressed. The relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is weak at best and is only a concern in the final stages of the disease process. The amount of cholesterol is also relatively unimportant as the majority of those who suffer from a heart attack or who need to undergo bypass surgery have normal levels of cholesterol at the time! Your body manufactures the vast majority of cholesterol found internally at any given time. Cholesterol is vital to so many functions within the body that to blame cholesterol and heart disease is absurd. Cholesterol is essential for brain function. The insulation around every nerve in your body is primarily made up of cholesterol, and what your doctor has likely never told you is that total cholesterol levels below 150 increase your risk of a stroke by almost ten times!! Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver.

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