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Do You Care About ‘Your Freedom’ To Use Natural Healing?

The powers that be aren’t interested in natural medicine or alternative healing options. In”Do You Care About ‘Your Freedom’ To Use Natural Healing?” you rights to using alternative medicine is discussed. There are additional links to additional information on this important topic.

Natural Healing

Codex Alimentarius Impacts Your Rights

Codex Alimentarius And Natural Healing

Natural Healing is something that has been used for centuries. The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of people to choose natural healing and alternative medicine and nutrition. Ratified by the World Health Organization, and going into Law in the United States in ‘2009’!, the threat to health freedom has never been greater.
This is the first part of a series of talks by Dr. Rima Laibow MD, available on DVD from the Natural Solutions Foundation, an non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about how to stop Codex Alimentarius from taking away our right to freely choose nutritional health.
Its a bit long but, very well worth viewing and passing on if you care about your freedom to natural healing!

sounds like the witch burnings all over again. Why don’t we outlaw legislators and politics instead. I have taken several classes on wild herbs and plants, and I try to harvest my own as much as possible. And I will continue to do so till the day they put me on the rack or burn me alive for doing it. Thanks for the info tho!

If you are concerned about your individual rights to use Natural Healing as an option you should contact your local, state and federal officials about this assault on Natural Healing rights.

Make sure and consult with a medical professional when making any lifestyle changes including natural healing.


Natural Healing


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