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Can I ask what are the common ailments of humans and the natural way of healing it?

I have this boyfriend who is your average poor guy working hard to earn money to go to college. And he works at night 10pm to 6am on a nearby beach that blows cold air all the time on his flowing sweat in his entire body. He has colds and dry and wet cough. I already have forgotten my highschool lessons on that but I want to know more on experienced natural healing rememdies on this. Can I ask for a list of illnesses that humans get almost everyday and the natural way of healing them? I don’t want to rely on drugs on the counter. I want his and my body to heal the natural way our bodies are capable of doing. Thanks!

Well, you need to ask yourself, does everyone else he works with get the same illnesses? If not, why does your boyfriend get them? It may be that his body isn’t functioning at 100%. To know this you need to check with your chiropractor, because the nervous system controls every function of your body, and if the nervous system isn’t working correctly your body is in a state of dis-ease. The longer you stay in this state the more likely your body is to have symptoms and develop a "disease". Health and sickness come from within. A weakened body is like a garbage dump. Rats survive in a dump like bacteria and viruses survive in a weakened body.