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What are some safe and effective natural cures for panic attacks?

I’m currently on some medication, but I don’t like taking meds. Are there natural substitutes?

First of all I must sympathize with you… I’ve had them before and they’re one of the worst experiences a person can go through. So much runs through your mind, and afterwards you seem to no longer live life normally. I’ve tried alternative therapies, breathing exercises, consulting with a psychiatrist, but none of that worked for me to stop panic attacks completely. It is important to get exercise, and for some people some supplements such as GABA and Omega-3 fish oils seem to help some. For me, they didn’t seem to work, and I had to constantly remember to take them. (Plus, the supplements can cost a lot of money.)

After searching online, I came across the blog of a panic attack sufferer who managed to control and stop her panic attacks by using a natural technique. Her story was really uplifting, and I tried the technique she detailed in her blog. It’s just like she says in the blog – you see the results quickly, and a normal life no longer seems out of reach to you. Good luck in your recovery, God bless.