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The Natural Cure Blue Bell Ice Cream

Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m Christopher. We want to introduce a commercial to you that we both created and wrote. It all started by loving Blue Bell ice cream….we were sitting around and being goofy when we came up with an idea for a Blue Bell ice cream commercial so, with the money that we earned through chores, animal sitting and Charlie’s part time job we had enough to start. We produced and acted in the commercial along with Kathy Ross who played Nurse Bluebonnet. Kathy is a singer and actress and helped a lot with our commercial.

When the project was finished we sent it to Blue Bell hoping they would love it so much they would want us to do more. Well, they did love it but, at this time not enough to hire a 15 and 11 year old to come on board. We went ahead and thought of two more ideas for Blue Bell but, as you can guess….we are OUT of money!!

We are both so excited about this project and feel that the world should see it….so here it is, world…ENJOY!!!

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Duration : 0:0:30

[youtube HJzKjkvFzeE]