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Conventional medicine has proven to be useless at combating diseases such as cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy seem to be causing more problems than they solve, sometimes enhancing tumour growth rather than inhibiting it, and producing a plethora of other side-effects. We have been misled by the media and these big pharmaceutical corporations to believe there is no known cure for cancer, and that our only hope is to put all of our faith in doctors and pharmaceutical drugs.

However, there are people out there (Rick Simpson, Jim Humble, just to name a few) who have discovered natural, safe, highly effective alternative treatments for cancer. Hundreds of people worldwide have used these treatments and have claimed to have cured themselves completely of cancer. Even sufferers diagnosed as terminally ill have responded to these treatments. The treatments explained in this video are: MMS (miracle mineral solution), cannabis, apricot seeds, chlorella and vitamin C, as well as a simple raw food diet which replenishes the body with anti-cancer nutrients, alkalises the blood and detoxifies carcinogens.

Many people are trying their utmost to share these treatments with the world. Statistically, there are more than enough cases of people healing cancer using these medicines for them to be safely labelled as cures. Yet, the pharmaceutical corporations refuse to endorse them. It is evident that their only care is profit: by convincing the public that they are diligently searching for solutions while at the same time dispensing drugs that barely work but keep their patients dependent, Big Pharma invests millions each year.

The cure for cancer has been around before we even arrived on this planet. It was once omnipresent, easily accessible and existed in abundance. Ever since the birth of the monetary system, it had been hidden away and replaced with profitable man-made drugs. If the public ever become aware of this then the big pharmaceutical industry would become obsolete. So, lets spread the word!

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