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Need Some Natural Cures Or Info For Endometriosis?

Millions of women suffer from endometriosis. This post “Need Some Natural Cures Or Info For Endometriosis?” is in response to a question regarding treatment options for Endometriosis. There are additional links resources at the end of this post in order to educate yourself about Endometriosis.

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I have endometrosis….I had two large cysts removed this past February….I refused conventional medicine because of many reasons, one being that the meds would stop my menstrual periods and so on…and that is not what I want…..I talked to an herbalist…they recommended a few herbs such as Red Clover …is there anyone else that knows any natural and effective cures for this?…..would appreciate any advice…Thanks!

well..I tried a Lot of remedies..lot’s of pain and finally had the surgery…endometrosis get’s worse and can cause lots of adhesion as in my case pregnancy alleviate it and for the most part you are pain free while pregnant.if you are planning a might be a good time before it causes more problems..cancer very strong in my family I do believe the surgery may have just prolonged my life…have those babies if that is your desire and good luck




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