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Natural Ointments For Boils

Boils are unsightly and painful. If you have ever had a boil you don’t want another one. This article “Natural Ointments For Boils” offers some solutions. There are additional links below that will help you educate yourself about boils.

Home Remedy Network Natural Ointments For Boils

Home Remedy Network Natural Ointments For Boils


Natural Ointments For Boils – Ointments for boils

Boils are one of the most common types of skin infections. The bacterium that causes boils is called Staphylococcus aureus. Boils normally occur in hair follicles. As a boil grows, it gets filled with a whitish substance called pus which is full of bacterium, protein and leucocytes or white blood cells. Most people feel that draining this pus can solve all problems. However, that can cause more problems since pus is quite contagious. If the neighboring skin comes in contact with this pus, then boils can increase in number.

There are many home made and conventional ointments for boils. These ointments for boils not only decrease the pain and discomfort but also heal the boil. In the early days there was no medical ointment for boils; however people used to use the paste of various herbs and plants to treat these boils.

Here are some natural ointments for boils which can be made at home:

Natural Ointments For Boils #1 – Margosa Or Neem – Margosa or Neem is a very a very effective natural antibiotic. You can make an ointment for boils by boiling some neem seeds in water till they are soft. Then take some neem leaves and smash them to make a pulp. Mix these boiled neem seeds and neem leaves and you get a natural ointment for boils which can be directly applied to the area. More over this poultice even prevents the infection from spreading as well.

Natural Ointments For Boils #2 – Castor Oil – You can even use castor ointment for boils. All you need to do is to make a powder out of the castor bark and add some water to turn it into a paste. You can even add grind the root of the herb biskhapra for additional effect.

Natural Ointments For Boils #3 – Onion And Garlic – Another effective ointment for boils can be made by grinding onion and garlic paste. This can aid in healing the boil quickly.

Besides these natural ointments for boils, there are other conventional ointments available in the market too. However, these ointments should not be used without a doctor’s prescription.


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