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Natural Gout Remedies – Exercise

Gout is a painful condition that impacts millions of Americans. This post “Natural Gout Remedies – Exercise” offers some information to help you with natural solutions for gout. There are additional links to help you educate yourself regarding natural gout remedies.

Home Remedy Network - Natural Gout Remedies - Exercise

Home Remedy Network – Natural Gout Remedies – Exercise


Many doctors have come to realize that exercise is an effective means of combating the symptoms of gout. Exercise combined with proper diet can help to reduce the amount of uric acid that builds up in the body. Proper hydration is also very important.

Foods which contain purine are broken down by the body to create uric acid. While the body will usually eliminate uric acid for those who do not properly metabolize uric acid gout is the result.

Maintaining a healthy weight can lessen the impact of attacks of gout. Exercise that will not cause further irritation to the affected joint are best. Low impact exercise will usually be the most effective. Exercises like:



Low impact aerobics




Are some good examples. Still exercise in and of itself will not stop a gout attack or prevent a gout attack. Diet is going to have the greatest impact on your attacks of gout.

Foods that contain purine or that lessen the body’s ability to eliminate uric acid are:

Organ meats

Canned fish – anchovies, herring, and sardines






Drinking plenty of water can help the body flush out excess levels of uric acid from the bloodstream.

Another method of treating gout is to elevate the impacted area and the use of cold compresses. This combined with maintaining a proper body weight can help lessen the impact of any gout attacks.

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