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Natural Cures (part 2) Organic Food

Just going through some of my experiences so far with switching over to natural (organic) foods and products. Since this video I have increased the ratio of organic to inorganic food and products. I went back and tried the shampoo again, and what I didn’t notice before is that, while it feels dry and damaged right out of the shower, some how it works to make my hair soft and hydrated when it dried completely. Really weird, but cool. Also, don’t expect a lot of suds. I’m pretty happy with it. The brand is ‘Kiss My Face’.

Still kinda blown away by the Orange Juice. It doesn’t taste anything like conventional common orange juice (even the lots of pulp stuff) which makes me wonder what the is in it.

Again, I want to itterate that it has required an increase in food spending and I suspect we will probably need another 50% increase in our food budget to go totally organic. Right now we’re at $100 a week and there are certain things we will only get organic. Milk, cereal, meat, fruits, and vegetables. For organic meat, shop around for butchers and ask where the farm is they get their meat from. If they won’t tell you, don’t buy it. If they do, go see it and don’t be afraid to ask the farmer questions.

Duration : 0:2:58

[youtube SROBP1gp8-A]