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Natural Cures For The Problem Of Vaginal Irritation

It would be normal to assume that with the great strides made in the world of medicine these days that such small things as vaginal irritation due to a yeast infection would be all but eradicated.

Unfortunately this is just not the case. Medical strides notwithstanding, many women who suffer from a yeast infection also tend to suffer from vaginal irritation as well.

This vaginal irritation is of course due to the yeast infection, but since not all medications work to truly clear out a yeast infection for at least a couple of weeks at the very least, you will have to suffer along with it until you are fully cured.

And what happens if you get a recurrent yeast infection and suffer from vaginal irritation again? The same thing of course. You take your medication and wait for your infection to clear up, all the while suffering in agonized silence from your vaginal irritation.

There are however, other things which you can do to quell vaginal irritation, and these can for the most part be done alongside any medical treatments you might be doing or taking.

The first item on the board involves a lifestyle change, whereby you change your unhealthy fast-food high-stress lifestyle, for a healthier option, at least in the food department if not in the life department.

Cutting out such things as refined foods, unwanted starchy foods, high amounts of sugar and caffeine from your diet along with excesses in alcohol and cigarettes can go a long way to clearing your body of unwanted toxins.

In the same time if you also include unsweetened yogurt, garlic, vinegar and cranberries into your diet you will be help your body to rid itself of the yeast infection and thereby any vaginal irritation that you have.

Since this can also take some time to accomplish its goal, you might also want to try something else in the meantime as well. Home remedies as vaginal douches are a good alternative as are vaginal suppositories, and herbal treatments.

Some of the most common of these home remedies involves the use of unsweetened yogurt, garlic, apple cider vinegar, cranberries, cinnamon, oregano, and tea tree oil, and not all at the same time of course!

One of the best options you have to give you relief from your vaginal irritation is yogurt and you have a few options on how to apply it to your vagina.

The first is to coat a tampon in yogurt and insert it into the vagina, and the second is to take a needleless syringe, fill it with yogurt and placing it at the mouth of the vagina, squirt the yogurt inside.

Both remedies also call for you to wear a pad to avoid dripping yogurt wherever you go. Another quick fix for you to get almost immediate relief from vaginal irritation calls for a garlic clove wrapped in gauze and tied off with a length of unwaxed dental floss, to be inserted into the vagina.

Graham Winmill