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Natural Cures for Depression – Herbal Remedies for Depression

Depression strikes millions of Americans in varying degrees daily. This article “Natural Cures for Depression – Herbal Remedies for Depression” offers a look at some of the herbal remedies for those who are seeking some natural cures for depression. There are links to sites and resources for natural cures for depression below.



Home Remedy Network - Natural Cures for Depression - Herbal Remedies for Depression

Home Remedy Network – Natural Cures for Depression – Herbal Remedies for Depression


Depression is a very common affliction that affects many people at one time or another in their lives. While severe depression may require a pharmaceutical approach for successful treatment, many milder cases of depression can be managed through more natural methods. If you are on a specialized diet for a medical condition, check with your doctor before making any changes.

There are a number of foods you can take that will make you feel better and omega 3 is just one of them, that can help combat depression ( see our other articles for more foods to fight the blues ) and also have a positive affect on overall health.

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Most people suffering from bouts of depression, anxiety and general mood disorders that greatly affect their quality of life don’t even know that they have non-prescription options to treat their depression effectively.

One treatment that has strong evidence to support that is good as a natural way of treating depression is St John’s Wort extract. There have been over 20 controlled clinical trials of it which shows that it effectively relieves depression. In fact studies show that it works just as well as prescription antidepressants such as Paxil and Prozac and also has fewer side effects than them. So with this in mind, people should consider St John’s Wort as their first choice for treating depression naturally.

Other herbal remedies that are gaining popularity as cures for mild depression are ginkgo biloba, kava kava and black cohosh. Each of these is used for a specific type of depression. Ginkgo biloba is primarily used by people suffering from mild depression and memory loss or other dulled mental functions because it helps improve overall mental health. Kava kava is used mainly for anxiousness associated with depression because it calms a person and helps them fall asleep and have more restful sleep.

The effects of depression can only be mitigated. There is no absolute remedy for depression. Dietary changes or herbal supplements can only mitigate the effects of depression. An effective therapy program suggested by your doctor will help you understand what self-talk is and how it can used to minimize depression naturally.

There are many other natural supplements that can help you fight illnesses and feel better. For example, there is one you can grow yourself in your backyard or even in a pot on your patio and another that has been used successfully by the Chinese for at least 1,000 years


For hundreds of years, yoga has been considered an effective natural cure for depression.




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