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Effective Natural Treatments for Insomnia

Natural treatments for insomnia are winning over more insomnia sufferers as the public becomes better informed of the benefits of applying natural treatments. People have come to understand that it is not a good long term solution to depend on sleep medications. Even though insomnia could be due to many reasons, however for most people, natural treatments for insomnia could bring great relief to their sleeping woes.

First of all, we need to understand why it is not advisable to rely on commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medications such as sedative-hynoptics, tranquilizers and sedative antidepressants as a long term solution to insomnia. Some patients have complained about suffering from short-term effects like dizziness, blurred vision and abdominal problems. Others have reported longer-lasting effects such as impaired memory, drug addiction and in some cases, their insomnia worsened after regular intake of sleeping medications. While it is true that some of the symptoms can be stopped by stopping the medication, the impact it has caused to your health could be damaging.

Let us see what are some of the natural treatments for insomnia that could help you find back your beauty sleep.

1. Diet Changes as Natural Treatments For Insomnia

Eat two kinds of food – one high in trytophan, and the other kind of foods rich in carbohydrates. Food with high trytophan content helps to increase melatonin production which is responsible for sleep induction. Examples of such foods are eggs, nuts, fish and dairy products like cheese and milk are perfect.

High carbohydrate low protein foods are great in inducing sleep. Our body responds to such food intake by releasing more serotonin. Examples include pasta, breads, cereals, sugar, figs, chocolate, milk, ice cream, fruit tarts and honey.

Remember to eat in moderation. Too much of it daily would lead to other health problems like obesity, heart issues, high blood pressure, etc. Also, make sure you do not sleep with a full stomach as digestion normally takes longer so eat hours before you go to bed. You would not want to be awoken because of heartburn or intestinal rumblings.

2. Relaxation Tips as Natural Treatments For Insomnia

a. Toe wiggling

Toe wiggling is a simple exercise to put our body in a relaxed mode to prepare for sleep. Wiggle your toes while lying on your bed. Repeat that for at least 10 times. You would realize that your body feels less tensed.

b. Reading a Book

Read a book that does not invoke much stimulation and excitement. Depending on your interest, you might want to pick up a simple novel or a story book. The whole idea is to relax your mind and body. So please do yourself a favour by not reading science fiction or intriguing thrillers that arouse too much brain activity.

c. Listening to Soothing Music

Listening to soothing music for 30 minutes before bed would prepare your body to rest. But no heavy metal or rock unless you intend to stay awake till the next morning.

3. Herbal Cures as Natural Treatments For Insomnia

Some common herbal cures like chamomile, lavender, catnip, black cohosh and valerian are great natural treatments for insomnia. Most herbs can be brewed as drinking tea individually or mixed. They are perfect for calming our nerves.

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