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Does anyone know of any natural cures or cures for herpes 2?

Does anyone know of any cures at all natural or otherwise with little or no side effects for Herpes 2?
Anyone know what if any side effects for taking generic Valtrex?

u can try L-lysine as a natural treatments but its not a cure. at the moment herpes is not curable by medical or natural remedies. for Valtrex comes with some side affects makes me nauseous and gives me headaches. but its the closest thing to a cure fore herpes out there. if u take it with some bread (or toast) and lots water, it should reduce the side effects a little.
there are people who have claimed to cure herpes with more natural treatments (such as Herpes Miracle, and H-Balm) but if u use those the virus will still be in your body it will be put into dormancy or suppressed, so u will still have a small chance of passing herpes on.
u should talk to your doctor before taking any thing to make sure that it will help u.