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Can Someone Suggest Natural Cures For Diabetes?

Diabetes is occurring with increasing regularity among Americans. This article looks at natural cures for diabetes. We have also included links that will offer some additional education on natural cures for diabetes.

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Home Remedy Network Can Someone Suggest Natural Cures For Diabetes

I am tired of taking medications for years for my diabetes. As I grow older I want to reduce medication and switchover to natural cures if possible.

Diabetes is not reversible. Please don’t discontinue any medication without discussing it with your doctor, and PLEASE don’t take advice from people who know so little about diabetes that they refer you to bastions of quackery like Mercola and Natural News.

You don’t give your age, and you don’t say whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, or whether it’s insulin you are taking.

But in another question you talk about your love of junk food and how you don’t understand how it can be bad for you.

Type 2 diabetes can often be controlled by diet alone; mine is. And junk food has no part in a diet for controlling type 2 diabetes. At my 6 monthly check ups, my average glucose level for the previous 3 months is regularly around 5.2; I don’t know where you live or how that translates, but it’s very good control. But I know that however controlled it is, however low I keep my blood glucose levels – I’ll still always be diabetic.

There are no ‘natural cures’ for diabetes. It’s a bugger; I wish I wasn’t diabetic too, but it’s with me for life. It is for you too. I manage to keep on the straight and narrow by asking myself which I want more, chocolate or my feet? Junk food or my eyesight? No contest. If I had to take medication for diabetes my attitude would be the same.

Please don’t run the risk of uncontrolled diabetes and the dire consequences that can have by abandoning your meds and going for any of the dubious (at best) ‘cures’ that may be recommended here.


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