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Any natural cures or natural meds for Hypothyroidism?

I’m 18 and I have had Hypothyroidism for over 5 years. I have been on Synthroid since I’ve been diagnosed with it. It doesn’t seem to help with a lot of the issues plus I hate taking it. It’s such and inconvenience. Does anyone know anything natural that I could use in place of Synthroid?

Yes there are natural substitutes for thyroid medication. A lot of people find a good difference when they switch over from Synthroid to natural ones. The natural ones are: Armour Thyroid (also known as Naturethroid and Westhroid. They all basically have the same core ingredient, they just differ in the fillers and binders.) Like someone mentioned here, many pharmacies in US don’t have stock. You can find a lot more details about natural remedies (including Armour Thyroid) and potential places to buy them from the following site.

If you are successful at getting Armour or the other natural meds, don’t just abruptly change over from Synthroid to that. Ask your ND how to do it comfortably.

You could also try "Raw Thyroid" which is usually available in good stock at most places. There are other things like iodine supplements, yoga and organic virgin coconut oil all of which help a good deal.

You are just 18, all the best for a good active life! Hope the info (this answer and the website) helps.