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What Will Be The Best Homeopathic Medicine For Anal Fissure With Constipation And What Is The Dosage?

The pain of constipation coupled with an anal fissure is not something that anyone wants to deal with. This post looks at some options for treatment along with links to other site that can offer additional information.

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Home Remedy Network – Homeopathic Medicine For Anal Fissure With Constipation

The remedy you need depends on your constitutional symptoms. Your problem is beyond self-help care. Few people understand that homeopathy is the philosophy, not the remedy, so you’d need to contact a certified homeopath, who would talk with you for an hour or two to understand why you have these symptoms, then research and recommend a remedy that will restore balance (and cure both the anal fissure and constipation). In N. America, Worldwide, homeopaths are otherwise pretty available.


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