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Tips for Essential Oils Usage

Aromatherapy is an often overlooked method of healing and wellness. This article along with accompanying links will offer some helpful information regarding aromatherapy.

Home Remedy Network Tips for Essential Oils Usage

Home Remedy Network Tips for Essential Oils Usage


Aromatherapy is a form of science that has been around for centuries. Like its name suggests, aromatherapy is a form of treatment that uses scents. In aromatherapy, essential oils are used to relax and energize a person. It is very effective in alleviating psychological problems you have, has very good cosmetic uses and is basically very helpful in reducing stress in a person.

These oils are availed from the living parts of plants and trees. This is why it is possible to be used safely and beneficially at home. In fact, you will in fact enjoy yourself more if you use oils for aromatherapy in your own home. However there are some points that you have to keep in mind when practicing aromatherapy on your own, in your house.

It is very important that you dilute essential oils before using them. They should not be applied directly on your body without any dilution. The only oils that can be used without any dilution are lavender and tea tree oil. You have to be very careful when using essential oils, especially around flames and heat sources. This is because these volatile oils are flammable. So if you use burners to diffuse the oil, it is better to use the burner after putting water in the burner. This way, the essential oil enters the air when the water evaporates.

Usually, essential oils are used only externally. However, sometimes, an aroma therapist may advise oils to be taken by mouth. The reasons essential oils should not be taken internally is that some oils are toxic when swallowed. Sometimes essential oils are diluted and used as some form of oral treatment like mouthwash. In such cases, it should not be swallowed.

Make sure that you place the oils in a safe place, beyond the reach of children. It’s important that you consult the aroma therapist, if you intend to use these essential oils when pregnant, on your babies and young children. If you intend to use these oils not only as a form of aromatherapy, but also as part of homeopathic or herbal medicine treatment, then you should seek advice from both homeopathic and herbal medicine doctors and the aroma therapist.

Aromatherapy does not cure all medical conditions; that’s why the doctor should be consulted before using aromatherapy as a treatment for a medical condition. Once all these points are kept in mind, and followed, you will find your aromatherapy treatment to be both beneficial and enjoyable.

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