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Is there any Homeopathic medicine to get rid of mastabulation?

I do 1 mastabulation a day. I also have concentration problem. I’m of 16.

Homeopathic Semen humanum 6C – 10M. See:;_ylt=ArgWAaIPiLhDHXPwJYCwUKHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100423013405AAHIatk

Good luck with that..

EDIT: SoulDoctor, was your answer satire like mine? Because you forgot to specify if that’s a 30C or a 30X dilution. I am assuming this is a SERIOUS blunder on your part, given that 30C is a ratio of 10 to the power of 60, whereas 30X is only 10 to the power of 30. A MASSIVE difference. Is this not dangerous?

Do you realize, that if you do the math, a 30C dilution would require giving two BILLION doses per SECOND to six BILLION people for 4 BILLION years to deliver a SINGLE molecule of the original material to any patient?

Is the ACID PHOS you prescribed testicular acid phosphatase? How does this fit with the homeopathic ‘like cure like’ fundamental? And how can homeopathy be ‘holistic’ when you simply diagnose over the internet, and treat the symptoms not the cause??

Is there evidence of efficacy for this treatment?