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Is there a homeopathic medicine a 20 month could take for restlessness?

I was wondering if there is something a 20 month old could take to calm down around nap and bed times. He used to be so good at going to sleep until recently. Homeopathy?

A homoeopathic remedy is given only after knowing all the subjective as well as objective symptoms. A single general symptom of restlessness is insufficient to find a remedy. Contact a Homoeopath.

It is only Homoeopathy which can cure you rapidly, gently and permanently. There are no side or after effects because the remedy is selected on the basis of totality of symptoms ranging right from mind, head down to toes. Extremely important are the modalities i.e likes and dislikes, aversions and cravings.
Even dreams indicate towards the remedy. The Homoeopath will ask you all the questions for your symptoms before deciding on the remedy. There are no specifics in Homoeopathy. Every individual is treated individually. A remedy selected for one MAY NOT be the remedy for the other even though the symptoms seem apparently similar to the layman. The Homoeopath will find the difference immediately.