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Is the varicella vaccination considered a homeopathic medicine?

I was recently reading up on the different types of medicine administration ( i.e. homeopathic, allopathic, osteopathic and naturopathic) and by the definition of homeopathic medicine (the use of the diluted disease to cure the actual disease) shouldn’t the varicella vaccination (and most others too) be considered as a homeopathic medicine?

Your description of varicella (Chicken Pox) immunization is approximately correct. They don’t give you a "diluted" form of the disease; they give you an attenuated form. The actual Chicken Pox organisms are modified (by heat or chemicals) so that they cannot reproduce or cause the disease, and they are injected into your arm. Your body recognizes the disease organisms as an invading organism, and starts to produce antibodies specific to the pathogens. In approximately 21 days or so, your body will have a full-fledged anti-varicella factory in operation, and it would then quickly overcome any actual invasion of varicella organisms in the future, preventing the full-fledged disease from developing and protecting you. The protection lasts for as long as the body keeps producing antibodies, or more specifically, remembers the "code" for the structure of the antibodies so it can quickly reproduce them if/as needed. There are differing opinions as to how long this protection lasts for varicella. It used to be thought that the protection was for life, and it probably is for a majority of individuals. However, this lifetime protection might only be found in individuals who have actually had Chicken Pox, not in those simply vaccinated against it. It appears that it can reappear in SOME individuals in later years as an eruption of the painful skin condition known as "Shingles." Everyone seems to be different; some will have it and others not, so the protection seems to be variable, too. Not everything in medicine is 100%. There are ALWAYS exceptions to EVERYTHING.