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How Homeopathic Treatment Can Bring Gout Symptom Relief

There are times when anyone can become frustrated with pain and discomfort, and they might wonder if other types of treatments might work better than what they are currently getting. This is becoming more and more popular, and homeopathy is what most turn to first. This is treatment based on methods other than prescription medications and surgeries to help with various ailments. Homeopathy can zero in on one gout symptom, but also tends to focus on the healing and care of the entire body as well. The basic idea behind this practice is that some believe small doses of some medications or herbs can mimic illness in healthy people, and those same things can be given to someone suffering from that illness to promote healing.

In most cases,a physician who practices homeopathic medicine will suggest that any of the things that might help with gout be taken one at a time to see what works. It can be a longer process, but finding the right thing will bring much relief for some. Usually one dose is taken, and then is given a certain amount of time to work. If it does work, it should be left alone to see how long it works. How much and how often will be determined by the type of medication and how well it works. If nothing happens, that type should be eliminated and something else will be tried.

One type that might be helpful is Bryonia. This can be good when pain is substantial, and tenderness is a huge problem. Pain comes from walking and touching. It might make a person not want to be touched at all, and they may want to be alone. Colchicum is another that is very much like this one. It focuses on gout pain the heel or foot. Since the most common spot for gout is the toe, this works great for many. When the joint is red, swollen, and tender to touch, this can be used. It is especially useful when given to someone who seems to have seasonal flare ups, and tends to be fatigued when stricken.

There are also some that are useful when the pain is not quite as severe,but it still needs to be taken care of quickly. Rhus toxicodendron is for someone who has stiff and painful joints that are sometimes hot and swelling may be apparent. However, it would seem that some movement might help, so the flare up is not quite as tender to the touch. Berberis vulgaris is for a pain that is all over the body rather than completely localized to one part of the body. It helps when motions and walking are painful, and the body as a whole needs some relief.

Though it is possible to find and try these things at home,it is always a good idea to find someone who is licensed in homeopathic medicine to assist someone who seeks relief. They have the benefit of knowing the history of this practice that goes back in time almost 2000 years. There is a huge benefit to trying things like this with someone who has knowledge and experience on their side.Some of these things can interact with prescriptions, so consult with a doctor if you are taking anything, or want to stop taking something. These can help with almost any gout symptom, but it is never a good idea to put the health at risk in any fashion.

Lisa McDowell