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How Do I Work In A Clinic As A Doctor In Homeopathic Medicine In Delaware, Please Give Good Sources Thanx?

If you are like the physician in this post then the links below will  be helpful. Working as a Homeopathic Physician can be a rewarding career in many ways.

Home Remedy Network - Doctor In Homeopathic Medicine

Home Remedy Network – Doctor In Homeopathic Medicine

I am a licensed doctor in Venezuela and would like to know what steps I have to take to be/do the above.

National Center for Homeopathy (877-624-0613). They list five homeopaths in Wilmington and one in Hockessin. Those are homeopaths who subscribe to be listed in the NCH directory.

The NCH email is:

It would be a place to start.


Homeopathic Educational Services – Schools And Universities In Homeopathic Medicine

Education Portal – Careers In Homeopathy