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Healing From the Heart

Homeopathy is medicine from the heart. It is powerful, yet gentle. It goes deep, but is silent. It is commanding, but polite. All this in a medicine? Yes, that is because homeopathy is a method of cure that has a reputation for curing the most sinister illnesses, but without adding new illness in the form of side effects.

It’s the side effects that are so ugly. Even the story behind the side effects is all missing in the world of homeopathy. Instead it is genteel, refined, discrete and mannerly. It has morals. It never asks us to suffer later for the sake of a fix today. It doesn’t bankrupt our health in a way that we might question its intentions.

Homeopathy’s goal is to heal and it does just that. Can aspirin heal? How about steroids or statin drugs? In modern medicine, the intention is different. Homeopathy is content to cure one person at a time, then send him off to live his life drug and even remedy free.

It’s fascinating how homeopathic remedies have been regulated by the FDA since the 1940’s at the time of the inception of this governmental branch. Yet, even under the eye of scrutiny, never has a homeopathic remedy been taken off the market for maltreating its user. Ever. Now contrast that with the medicines of commerce and those thwarted upon us by a powerful cartel. Beware! The arrogant medicine you are taking today could tomorrow be the prime suspect in a crime of health insolvency. Newer and better, they boast. Oops, they reply. We know better now, they publicize. This makes for a tarnished reputation. After a while, the mask is removed and the face of inconsistency and contradiction is revealed.

Beware, benevolent old Auntie Homeopathy. Don’t meet up with ruffian, Mr. Drugs, lurking in the dark alley. Perhaps your countenance of goodwill will persuade him to do you no harm….No, some bad behavior is not able to be cured.

Joette Calabrese