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Five Steps to Learn the Remedies of Homeopathy

There are many hundreds of homeopathic remedies on the market today. Some of them are new to the scene, most have been around since the last century. Indeed, homeopathy has no gimmicks, no capricious ways. It is a solid rock of established medical thought. The compendium of its voluminous material medical is a result of the world’s great medical minds. But how can we ever hope to learn the myriad of remedies available? How can we expect to comprehend the intricacies and key notes of each of the remedies? The most valuable way to study homeopathy is to roll up your sleeves and dig in. I realize this sounds trite, however there are little techniques that I’ve employed over the last 2 decades to polish my craft to a luster. I’m happy to share them with you.

1) Break down your study into compartments. That is, don’t look at the whole body of homeopathic literature (it’s voluminous), but rather the areas of most interest to you. Is it first aid? Pregnancy? Sports injuries? Whatever your interest, purchase books that will keep your study organized. You may be interested in my book “Cure Yourself and Family With Homeopathy which can be obtained through my web site

2) With a good Materia Medica at hand such as Morrisons Desk top Guide, open the book and find the most interesting remedies for your study. The most interesting ones are those that have or could potentially touch your life. For example, if you have achy joints, you might want to study Rhus tox, Ruta, Arnica, etc. Study the keynotes and differentials. Then (and this is key if you are a serious student) write down the most important aspects on a 3×5 card for later review. I have kept these cards rubber-banded in my purse and car for quick reference.

3) Find CD’s with material medical so that your study can be approached from an audio point of view. See my CD: Homeopathy First Aid; Perform in the Storm. Listen in the car, while raking leaves, while making dinner. As a fledgling student , while my children were young, I’d read my notes into a tape recorder to listen after I put the children to bed. This is why I recorded my first aid CD. It was originally founded out of my notes from classes and seminars.

4) Take every course on classical homeopathy that comes your way: live, virtual, CD sets, etc. Anything that you find appealing, affordable and doable. Check out my phone seminars. They make learning easy, even doable in your pajamas!

5) Never waste a moment in your study. Keep an inexpensive book of remedies in the car. While waiting to pick up the kids, study, review and commit to memory new remedies.

6) When taking on materia medica or even the principles and laws of homeopathy the best way for the concepts to sink in is with familiarity. Tape a 3×5 card with a few key notes (as indicated above) to the window above your kitchen sink so that you can glance at it while doing the dishes. Do the same on the mirror above the bathroom sink so that it can be read while brushing your teeth. It is particularly valuable to do this with remedies that can be associated with the action. For example Plantago can be placed near the toothbrush since it is a remedy for gums and mouth issues. Silica can be placed in side your warm wooly slippers to be viewed every time you put them on to aid in remembering that Silica has cold feet.

These little tricks can fool your mind into absorbing information without as much effort as expected. As a devotee to this remarkable medicine I encourage anyone interested in pursuing homeopathic knowledge to not become overwhelmed. Take it step by step and make it fun. The more creative you are in your study, the more likely you’ll be able to retain the information. Happy studying!

Joette Calabrese