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Eastern Homeopathic Medicine VS. Western Standard Medicine Which Has Worked Better For You?

As we learn more the more we realize what we do not know. This post looks at Eastern, Alternative, medicine and Western,Traditional, medicine. There are additional resources at the end of this article.

Home Remedy Network Alternative Medicine Versus Traditional Medicine

Home Remedy Network Alternative Medicine Versus Traditional Medicine


In my experience eastern medicine has made the best improvements in my health how about you?

In my experience homeopathic has worked better. I have taken my husband to the doctor for extreme chest pain and hyperventilating. They could not tell us why and told him to take a pain pill next time (which btw made it worse) and changed us $3000 for that. Turns out is was muscle tension in his back, it made it so he couldn’t breath because he has a smaller then normal plural cavity. A trip to the chiropractor and his massage therapist wife keeps that under control. Then I took my son in for what seemed to be a broken/sprained ankle. They changed us $500 and did nothing to fix the problem but splint it. Turns out it was his hips out of alignment and the chiropractor fixed that. I went in for infertility testing. The cannot find anything wrong with another $500. Don’t get me wrong doctors have their place and I would still go in an emergency situation like when my husband cracked his head, but it’s been my experience that natural is best for my family. Good luck!