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Does anyone know veterinarians who practice homeopathic medicine in San Diego?

My dog has cancer and I am looking at alternative forms of care including herbs and acupuncture.

Here is a list of Homeopaths in San Diego, I am sorry not being n USA citizen I cant be of more help, by calling these Homeopaths you might be able to get the address of Homeopathic veterinarians :-

Bowen, April
2496 E Street, Suite 2b
San Diego, California, US, 92105
Phone: (619) 889-4331,

Dooley, Timothy
4095 Jackdaw Street
San Diego, California, US, 92103
Phone: 619-297-8641, , Fax:

Hess, Betsy
4705 Narragansett Avenue
San Diego, CA, US, 92107
Phone: 619-501-7968, , Fax:

Kalman, Jonathan
5694 Mission Center Road #602-328
San Diego, CA, US, 92108
Phone: 619-549-1941, , Fax:

Melvin, Melanie Lee
13328 Granite Creek Rd.
San Diego, California, US, 92128
Phone: 858-513-9293,

Pam, Fettu
10755 Scripps Poway Parkway # 185
San Diego, CA, US, 92131
Phone: 858-967-9893,

Traub, Gabrielle
Carmel Valley Women’s Health, 12395 El Camino Real ste 207
San Diego, California, US, 92130
Phone: (858) 259-9900 , , Fax: 1800-661-3305

Traub, Gabrielle
Beauty Kliniek & Wellness Center, 3268 Governor Drive
San Diego, , US, 92122
Phone: (858) 4570374, (858) 5315279,

I hope this helps you in your search, Take care and God Bless

And to answer the illetrate rant against Homeopathy which a few answeres are persistantly putting up, I guess they are blind to the truth here are a few links to shut them up or may be they follow the policy "Speak no truth, see no truth, hear no truth" :-

And as for the debunked site QUACKWATCH run by a quack named Stephen Barrett here is the truth (Check it out Gary its specially for you) "Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch Exposed In Court Cases" click the link and read for yourself
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