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Do you know any safe home remedy or homeopathic medicine to stimulate appetite?

My 15 months old daughter has barely 18 pounds.She is fussy eater.Whenever i offer her food, she starts crying and moving her head.I offer her finger food but she starts playing and if i stop her,she starts crying.I tried different variety it won’t work.I am working very very hard to make her eat finally by using distractions methods.
I think that she needs to ask me food instead of i make her eat.So please if anyone knows any safe home remedy or medicine to stimulate her appetite.God bless you.

At around 2yrs a babies taste buds change for i while. They make foods taste bitterer (sic). This is an evolutionary event to prevent babies swallowing poisonous plants, berries when man was still a cave dweller. Of course there is no need now but the trait still lingers. You’ll need to coax her with sweet foods. This doesn’t mean adding sugar of course as this would be bad for her but sweet sauces, fruits etc.