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Home Remedy Network – Anxiety – 6 Natural Anxiety Treatment Options

People tend to place much more pressure on themselves these days than in the past. Anxiety, worry and stress tend to dominate people’s lives. This article “Home Remedy Network – Anxiety – 6 Natural Anxiety Treatment Options” will help you educate yourself on some non-prescription treatment options for anxiety. There are additional links below to educate yourself on natural anxiety treatment options.

Home Remedy Network - Anxiety - 6 Natural Anxiety Treatment Options

Home Remedy Network – Anxiety – 6 Natural Anxiety Treatment Options

Having an anxiety attack is something that can be scary. When you are in a state of anxiety you are in an emotional state that is accompanied by:









There are also physical symptoms which usually will accompany anxiety. Typical symptoms are:

Chest Pains

Decreased Sex Drive



Heart Palpitations




Rapid Heart Rate

Shortness Of Breath


These feeling and symptoms are sometimes called panic attacks because of a sudden and intense bout of uncontrollable fear,feelings of dread and panic. The sufferer feels this bleak cloud of darkness overwhelm them. This situation can sometimes interfere with their daily life, work, relationships etc.

While the exact causes of this condition are not usually known there are many possible triggers:

Intense Stress

Traumatic Events – Death, Accident, or Divorce,

Physiologic Factors

Hereditary factors

Drugs use and withdrawal from use


Over-The-Counter Decongestants

Asthma Drugs

So the question is what to do? Here are some suggestions which are natural non drug options.

Home Remedy Network – Anxiety – 6 Natural Anxiety Treatment Options


Natural Anxiety Treatment Option #1 – Herbal Treatments – The use of herbs has been recommended by Holistic and Alternative Medicine practitioners for years. Here are some examples:

Kava Kava- Known for it’s calming effects. Be aware that the FDA has recently issued warnings for the effects it has on the liver.

St. John’s Wort  – Is one of the most researched and therefore has the most evidence to back the use of St John’s Wort for mild to moderate depression and anxiety.

Valerian root is another herb that is often used for its calming effects.

SAMe is another dietary supplement that has been used in treatment of anxiety.

=> WikiHow- 3 Ways To Erase Anxiety With Herbs<=

Natural Anxiety Treatment Option #2 – Changes In Diet – Taking caffeine, alcohol, reducing processed sugar, sugary food products, refined carbohydrates and other foods that contain additives or chemicals can lessen the occurrence of your anxiety symptoms. Doing so should be done on a gradual basis, especially with caffeine.This will help to minimize headaches and any other possible withdrawal symptoms. Substitute tea made with chamomile (or passionflower, skullcap or lemon balm), for your drinks with caffeine. This will allow you to relax without causing drowsiness or addiction.

Natural Anxiety Treatment Option #3 – Adding Specific Vitamins And Minerals – Some vitamins that you should consider are:



Vitamin B Complex

Natural Anxiety Treatment Option #4 – Become More Active With Planned Exercise – The addition of regular exercise and the use of relaxation techniques will help you in getting relief from anxiety. Thing like:



T’ai Chi

can help you learn to relax and avoid stress triggers for anxiety.or progressive relaxation are all non drug remedies that can help relieve anxiety disorders.

Natural Anxiety Treatment Option #5 – Learn Stress Management Techniques – Controlled breathing techniques can help ease a panic attack. When an attack strikes, try this breathing exercise: Inhale slowly to a count of four, wait four counts, exhale slowly to a count of four, wait another four counts, then repeat the cycle until the attack passes.


Natural Anxiety Treatment Option #6 – Avoid Too Much Alcohol –  People often turn to alcohol to alleviate or reduce stress. However, for those with an anxiety disorder, the transition from one drink to three or five is a common occurrence.  Using self-medication as a method to silence their mind tends to make them more likely to become dependent and eventually an addiction.





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