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What home remedies gets rid of redness from pimples?

Quick ideas to eliminate the redness from pimples.

Home Remedy Network Acne

Home Remedy Network Acne

I have no pimples in the spots but from the pimples its red, what home remedies could I use to get rid of the redness?

Try crushing up an aspirin. Don’t use the one that has a “candy coating” though, because it wont work. The Ibuprofen helps to heal and relieve the redness and soreness of most pimples.

Just use one or two tablets, and crush in a dish until they are a fine powder. Add a little splash of water so it becomes more of a paste, and spread on your pimple(s). Leave it for a while (I usually do it before I go to bed…but a good hour should do it).

It might not work right away and you may have to do it a couple of times, because it depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the severity of the acne.

If it’s just surface redness that you have, this might work… But that’s usually a sign that there is acne under the skin and it has not surfaced yet. For this you need an astringent (something with a little alcohol in it that will clean deep in your pores), which you would have purchase at your local pharmacy.

Hope this helps!